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High Speed Chain Cleaning

Kline Sewer & Drain provides the best option for cleaning out cast iron pipes and really give them new life: it’s a fairly new technology called “Picote”.

The benefits of this is that it really does an amazing job and doesn’t use or waste gallons of water. The other huge benefit is that you can take it inside a home or business without the worry of flooding the interior.

The cost for this more advanced and extensive process is going to be more expensive. There is more maintenance, and the cost of replacing these specialized heads are not cheap. Still, depending on your situation, it may be worth it for that more complete, permanent clean!

If you have a clogged drain or suspect that there are issues with the sewer pipes at your home or commercial business, the problem can often be resolved with a pipe cleaning. At Kline Sewer & Drain we have a few different methods we employ to clean out food scraps, grease, scale and other debris that has accumulated in your sewer lines over time.

We offer a variety of high-speed draining cleaning equipment that can quickly and efficiently clean pipes made of cast iron, concrete, clay or PVC. At Kline Sewer & Drain we like to use Picote’s Maxi-Miller to clean out the most scaled lines. The Maxi-Miller allows our technicians to descale pipes, remove blockages and clean sewer pipes. It’s durable, resistant to abrasions and chemicals, and has a high continuous service temperature. Grinding chains located on the cleaner rotate at high speeds, cleaning the interior of the pipes while also breaking up any blockages the Maxi-Miller encounters. One aspect of the Maxi-Miller we’ve found particularly useful is the fact that it can even navigate pipes with multiple 90-degree bends, allowing us to break up even hard-to-reach clogs that a drain snake might not be able to tackle.

There are also a variety of accessories that can be used with the Picote depending on what issue we are trying to tackle, such as:

  • Grease
  • Soft blockages
  • Scale
  • Sludge
  • Tree roots
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Foreign Objects

Kline Sewer & Drains’s line of Picote machines will get the job done!

Cleaning, Descaling and Declogging
If you have a clogged drain, call Kline Sewer & Drain today. Though the use of milling machines, we will be able to get your drain and pipes back to normal with a thorough cleaning.

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