In some cases a simple drain cable isn’t effective enough to unclog your drain pipes. Older plumbing may have corroded materials that are too tough for the rooter blades to cut through, or your piping may have too many turns that limit the force the blades use to thrust through clogs.

In kitchens or many commercial drains, grease buildup can be too tough for rooter blades as well, and though these may temporarily unclog your pipes, it’s likely that you will continually experience difficulties that can cost you a fortune in plumbing visits down the road.

That’s where high pressure water jetting or hydro jetting comes in. Hydro jetting is the process of forcing jet streams of cold water through your pipe lines under extremely high pressure.

The pressure is not enough to damage your pipes, but it’s great enough to cut through grease, tree roots and material buildup while forcing it through the entire length of your pipes and into the sewer. Kline Sewer & Drain looks for ways to stop clogs from re-occurring so that you can save time, money and headaches and oftentimes high pressure water jetting is the answer.

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