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Residential Sewer Lateral Lining


Owning a home is a dream for many people, so as a potential homeowner or current homeowner, it’s important to understand what’s underneath your home and where your responsibility lies. As a homeowner, there are two key items to be aware of: home sewer laterals and sewer inspections. These are critical items homeowners don’t think about until it’s too late.

When considering the sewer pipes connected to your home, you need to know the difference between the upper lateral and the lower lateral, and what the homeowner is responsible for. The upper lateral is the part of the home’s sewer line that runs from the structure to the property line, which is commonly the curb or sidewalk. The lower lateral is the section of the home’s sewer line that runs from the property line to the city main sewer line in the street. The homeowner is responsible for any and all repairs to the upper lateral, but what about the repairs to the lower lateral that connect to the main sewer in the street? Again, that would be the homeowner.

Buyers and agents sometimes assume that any problems passed the property line will be repaired by the city. That’s not always the case with the lower lateral as it differs across Iowa and Illinois on whether it is the homeowner’s responsibility or the municipality is responsible for any repairs. Be sure to check your local municipalities to ensure who the responsible party is for the repairs.

It’s common to hear that homeowners don’t know the state of their pipes or the property damage from sewer back-ups that result in very expensive repairs. It’s important to understand that this damage is generally not covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Another type of damage to the wastewater infrastructure that is not covered by homeowner’s insurance: tree roots invading the sewer line. It’s extremely important to check your insurance policy so you’re prepared in the unfortunate event this damage occurs.

There are some properties more prone to broken sewer lines and they include older properties, homes that have slow drains, homes with settlement issues, homes with trees that have deep, aggressive roots, homes where there is already a history of sewer issues, homes with clay tile or cast iron sewer lines, and homes that have trees over or near the sewer lines. If your house falls into one of these categories, it’s inherently important to pay attention to the pipes underneath your home and think about getting a licensed professional to inspect the pipes. Even if there aren’t any visible issues or problems, there could be something lying underneath that will wreak havoc sooner or later.

Don’t delay – be sure that your wastewater infrastructure is in good working order – contact Kline Sewer & Drain to provide a sewer scope and address any possible issues. Most can be repaired with our (NO DIG CIPP) process.


The vision of LightRay is to provide next-generation high technology to the CIPP industry using specially designed low voltage cold source LED UV pipe lights and higher strength pre-impregnated glass fiber pipe-liners, for the NO-DIG contracting industry involved in small diameter pipe infrastructure repairs. LightRay’s state-of-the-art Cast-In-Place-Pipe technology ushers the Trenchless industry into the twenty-first century, offering new opportunities for Kline Sewer & Drain by significantly reducing time and resources, lowering risks and costs from traditional open cut excavation for repairs.

The new LightRay LR3 LED UV system is the most advanced cast in place UV pipe technology allowing our operators complete control of the curing process. The LR3 is both a pull-in-place and spot repair system giving us the flexibility to perform both operations by only changing the proprietary double-strand cold LED repair packer. The LightRay non-VOC resin is pre-impregnated into the high-performance fiberglass liner and is ready to be install for no-dig small diameter pipe infrastructure repairs. Once the install site is prepped, casting times in under 10 minutes can be achieved eliminating the risk of premature or prolonged curing times due to temperature variations.

SpeedyLight+ UV LED Curing System

Kline Sewer & Drain’s Speedylight+ allows our certified technician’s to invert a full liner replacement of your sewer or drain line from 3″ to 12″ with different styles of liner depending on application. This Green Technology contribute to saving our environment. It uses less energy to cure every foot of liner, as well as it uses resin that is styrene and amine free.

The SpeedyLight+ is a all-in-one curing system which can be used virtually anywhere. It can be used in both vertical and horizontal pipes and navigates 45 and 90 degree bends. With the integrated camera head we can see what’s going on during the curing process.


The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Relining for Repair and Replacement

Sewer pipe lining can be a great trenchless sewer replacement solution for clay piping, cast iron, concrete, plastic and PVC pipes. Most repairs can be done from a single clean out access point. There are many reasons to consider trenchless pipe repairs including:

  • Eliminates the cost and mess that come with digging up a yard
  • Works for horizontal, lateral and vertical pipes
  • Avoids damage of underground utilities
  • Repair or replace damaged pipes without the need to repave or stop traffic during work
  • Save on the overall cost of a sewer repair and replacement
  • The flow of the pipes can be improved
  • Prevents root intrusion and works to eliminate piping erosion, additional cracks and leaks

Sewer Line Broke? Repair or Replace It With Kline Sewer & Drain’s Speedylight+ UV Full Inversion or LightRay UV Sectional Point Repair System

Kline has been serving the Quad City area for over 20 years. Our experienced, certified and licensed plumbers and sewer technicians can install new sewer sectional pipe lining when you need it most. Skip the hassle of digging up your yard and move forward with cast-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP lining) a proven method for trenchless sewer repair and replacement. Our team is standing by for your call. Reach out to Kline today at 563-285-7272

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