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Robotic Cutting

Our IMS robotic cutter is used in conjunction with our sewer rehabilitation equipment to prepare pipes for re-lining or patch repairs by removing any intrusions or encrustation/roots prior to repair and to re-open lateral connections when rehabilitation is complete. With different head attachments It can grind out concrete and other foreign objects.

We also understand that as sewer system mains and laterals degrade over time, more extensive work in smaller-diameter lines has called for more versatile and effective robotic reinstatement equipment. That is why Kline Sewer & Drain offers high-quality robotic cutting for small-diameter drains. Here is an overview of this specific line of equipment from our team.

Kline Sewer & Drain’s Micro S Light+ rehab cutter balances both capability and value, offering top-of-the-line equipment while taking on a wide range of applications. Perfect for both horizontal and vertical work, this air-powered rehab cutter has excellent flexibility in bends, navigating smoothly through elbows in lined 4″ pipe. Simply push it horizontally or drop vertically into place, inflate the bladder and let the automatic cutter rotation do the rest.

The Micro S Light+ gives you:

  • Versatility. The tool accepts various cutting bits to fit the application at hand.
  • Agility. The system travels as far as 164′ in 3–9″ lines.
  • Precision. Once in position, it clamps pneumatically and offers joystick control for three axes of motion: 400-degree rotation, 90-degree swivel and 4″ axial feed.
  • Portability. The entire system can be easily transported on a wheeled cart weighing just 104 lb.
  • Power. The air-powered cutter motor delivers maximum torque.
  • Performance. An onboard, color camera provides live visual feedback on a 10″ touchscreen monitor.
  • Adaptability. The system pushes horizontally through lines or drops down cleanouts and vent stacks to reach cutting locations.

Trust Kline’s Micro S Light+ to give you the cutting power you need to perform prep and reinstatement work in drains, laterals and other small diameter lines.

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